25 March 2017

Edd China quits Wheeler Dealers

And why he was right to leave the show...

EDD CHINA made the shock announcement that he will be leaving Wheeler Dealers. Meaning that him and the show’s co-presenter, Mike Brewer, will be going their separate ways after doing the show together over the past 13 years.

Reasons citing for leaving the show, is that Edd felt the producers are to be dumbing down Wheeler Dealers. In which he believed he couldn't continue doing the show. As production company, Velocity, are changing the show’s format by simplifying it. As explained by the man himself on the video below.

I totally respect and back Edd’s decision for leaving Wheeler Dealers. It's clear that he's a man with a great deal of integrity. Who takes a lot of pride in his work, and also one with self-respect by sticking to his principals.

The details and information about the oily bits from crankshafts to exhaust pipes that he told us about. When Edd carried out the tasks in the workshop to fix and restore the cars. Not only was it entertaining and educational, but it was also insightful.

Edd demystified the complex functioning of motor vehicles. Giving many hope and belief that they can successfully do the work on their own cars. He's a legend, who single handedly inspired confidence for petrol heads to fettle with their pride and joy.

With Velocity wanting to cut out some ‒ or a lot ‒ of the details and information from the hands-on work carried out on Wheeler Dealers. It's in the interest of those dollar signs, and not the quality of the show. All in all, it could erode and take away the appeal of Wheeler Dealers.

Meanwhile, Mike Brewer will continue presenting Wheeler Dealers. Buying and selling cars, but also getting parts for them. Who's going to replace Edd China then? Ant Anstead will be taking his place. You may have seen him on Channel 4's For the Love of Cars alongside actor Philip Glenister (aka Gene Hunt from Life on Mars).

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  1. Thanks Eddie for all you have contributed to Wheeler dealers... your talent is very entertaining and shows you love what you do... A miracle worker on old cars... take care and will be watching you on YouTube until your new project airs 😉


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