06 October 2017

BOTTLED IT!: Ford Fiesta MK3

Very well marketed, but the product in question by the Blue Oval was a half-arsed effort. A triumph of marketing over engineering.

16 July 2017

UNSUNG HEROES: Peugeot 405

Very much forgotten and in banger territory today. But the 405 reflects a golden era for Peugeot.

27 June 2017

Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip

If you like cars and into modern history. It’s definitely worth a watch.

YOU’LL probably know Paul Hollywood best for being on The Great British Bake-Off alongside Mary Berry. While we all know his love and passion for food. Little did I know that he has a keen interest in cars – and something that has been a lifelong passion of his.

In the three-part series, Hollywood travels to Italy, Germany and France. He looks at how cars have been an influence on people, and society of their respective countries where they were made. Also in making their mark in history, reflection of their culture, and playing their part in shaping up their national identity.

If you have seen James May’s Car of the People, then you will probably enjoy watching Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip. It's informative yet entertaining.

If you want to watch the show. It is available to watch on BBC iPlayer*.

*Available at the time of writing, and only available to UK viewers.

26 May 2017

The future’s bright for Lotus

A glimmer of hope in East Anglia.

MALAYSIAN car firm Proton Holdings, have been struggling for some time now. But their future has been secured after a takeover by the Geely Group this week. Which in turn, should be great news for Lotus Cars – who are owned by Proton.

Proton have been struggling due to a major decline in sales. Consequently, this has meant Lotus has been starved from investment into research, development, and with limited resources into making new and exciting sports and performance cars. Meaning funds were drying up for the Norfolk-based company.

With the hands-off treatment of Volvo – along with millions invested into the Swedish marque, and let them do what they do best. In return, they have enjoyed a successful renaissance under Geely. If there is anything to go by given how things have panned out for Volvo. There should be plenty of cause of optimism for Lotus.