08 April 2017

I'm getting a dashcam

This can only be a good thing...

DASHBOARD cameras – dash cams they’re usually called – are becoming a more popular with motorists in the UK, and it’s easy to see why.

More often than not, people often drive their cars on their own. Should you happen to be in an accident that’s between you and the other driver with no witnesses. It could be your word against theirs. So, when it comes to insurance companies finding out and disputing who’s at fault is never easy.

This is where the dashcam can come in handy for being your witness – especially when you’re driving on your own. More so if the other driver happens to have witnesses that could potentially provide false information to the police and/or their insurance provider. You will have concrete evidence of the accident from the footage provided from your dash cam to back up your claim. They say that the camera never lies.

As well as having one for my own personal protection. A dash cam will also be handy for watching and evaluating my own driving. Looking at the footage myself, to see where I can make improvements  behind the wheel.

Such as: stopping some bad habits I've picked up – even how I could deal with potential hazards from pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and other drivers. Which should make me more inclined to become a better driver with Big Brother watching me and also on my side.

For my own safety and piece of mind, and due to the fact, that there are simply too many idiots out on the roads. I feel that it’s a necessity of having a dashcam, hence why I’ve gone and bought myself a reputable dashcam online via Amazon. Just waiting for it to arrive within the next couple of days, and I will let you know how I get on with my new toy.

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