18 July 2014

The Ford Focus is a great all rounder

I HAVE had my Ford Focus for around six months by now. What I can make of it is that it’s a car that does everything you pretty much expect from one.

It’s spacious, practical and comfortable. The grounds of cost are reasonable when it comes to owning one. Fuel, parts and insurance are all good. Besides the boring and mundane everyday stuff, the Focus offers a bit more.

It’s fun to drive with the sharp and precise steering providing lots of feedback. The gearbox is lovely with short throws and crisp changes. The 1.6 litre Zetec engine is a lively unit with a good blend of performance and economy.

While I have been on holiday, my Mum has given the car a run - she was pleasantly surprised on what a nice car it is to drive. Since then, she is more than happy to use my Focus when she needs to go out somewhere on some occassions.

The only time I've really had to spend money on the car was on the suspension and brakes. It was required so the car could pass its MOT when it had it - which is also for my own safety. The car has also had a new timing belt fitted due to it reaching a certain age. It'll also be due a service soon.

Overall, it's so far so good. The Ford Focus is serving me well.

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