21 July 2014

Should Peugeot-Citroën bring back Talbot?

Following the success of Dacia resurrected in being Renault’s budget brand. Could Peugeot-Citroën (PSA) be onto something with reviving the Talbot brand?

THERE has been rumours and speculation over Peugeot-Citroën resurrecting the Talbot name. With the PSA bringing it back as a budget car brand. In a similar vein that archrivals Renault have done with Dacia. To a lesser extent and not so much so nowadays, is Volkswagen with Skoda.

With the success of the Sandero and Duster, it goes without saying that there is a healthy market for cheap, back-to-bare, no frills motors. Especially in Eastern Europe, but its popularity has grown in Western Europe as well.

As the PSA are keen in pushing Peugeot and Citroën brands upmarket. With the market there is for cheap and basic motors from the popularity of Dacia's cars. Still, the PSA could be onto something with launching a budget brand that would help push Peugeot and Citroën upwards.

If the PSA do revive the Talbot name as a budget marque. Would there be a new the Samba and Horizon in the pipeline? If they do, I suspect it could be based on the old Citroën C2, and sold at rock bottom prices. They could be onto a winner there.


  1. Totally. Peugeots look and feel upmarket these days (finally ditching the bloated overstyled hot mess look after a decade), and Citroen seem to be following them that way. And with the Autoshite movement as well as the success of Dacia.....it's been over 20 years since Talbot was canned after all. Plus Dacia was making facelifted-to-hell-and-back versions of the ancient Renault 12 before the Logan.

    1. Thanks for your comment Tom.

      Yes, there is a market for basic, no-frills cars. More so since Skoda, Kia and Hyundai have become more mainstream and more expensive. Renault seized the gap and took an opportunity to create cars for that market.

      There is a lot of people who drive cars, that have no interest in them whatsoever. So they won't care much about aesthetics, image or performance, and will just want a vehicle as an A to B tool. All they'll care about is that its cheap, reliable and hassle-free.

      Renault seized the gap in the market, and made a car to fill it and cater for those who want cheap, basic, no-frills motors. Launching (or I think it's relaunching) the Dacia brand was a smart move from them. It's proven to be something of a goldmine for Renault without them degrading the Renault brand.

      If the PSA took a leaf out of Renault's book, they'll be onto something there.


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