03 February 2014

Full scale Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

This is the toy for big boys when they leave the playground.

THIS really caught my attention – and my imagination. A bloke called John Bitmead bought a Daewoo Matiz. Broke it and made this distinctive kit car out of it, which was modeled on the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. 

That toy car the kids rode in nurseries and play schools, and powered them with their feet – just like Fred Flintstone. I used one of these back in my days at Turncroft nursery when I was an infant. 

It took John around five months converting the Matiz into the iconic children's pedal car. He has given the full scale Cozy Coupe very strong cues that visually resembles the toy car. With the distinctive yellow roof, the white wheels and fuel flap. The kit car doesn't even have a windscreen –just like the toy car. 

It cost John around £35,000 to build the kit car. The Cozy Coupe has the Matiz's 800cc engine, runs on unleaded petrol of which is capable of getting to 60mph in 17 seconds. Might sound leisurely, but I could imagine it feeling like it's going faster than it actually is when driving it. 

It's an awesome piece of kit. Any passers by who are a bit down and sees this coming by on a rainy day. This head turner will definitely lift their moods and brighten up their day.

© Images by Caters. Video footage by BBC News.

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