05 February 2014

Bolton Car Cruise

LAST night, I went to a Car Cruise event in Bolton with my good friend Phil Manning. Compared to any car events I’ve been to before. It was something different. 

It was a large social gathering of like-minded petrol heads. That came together in an empty car park that took place in the evening.

Where a lot of enthusiasts meet up, pull up in their cars and hang out. Basically chilling out, from spoilers to pistons, talking about cars - as you would expect. Some even showcased their pride and joy.

The majority of the cars were quick, powerful, and had been modified. A lot of them had K&N Filters and very loud back boxes on their exhausts. Some were overdone, of which was to an acquired taste.

Some of the cars I saw at the event left me envious of their owners. But all in all, I appreciate on how much they like cars and that it’s more than just a tool to get from A to B. It’s much more than that. It’s their pride and joy – but to some extent, you could say it’s an extension of their personality. Some people say, “You are what you drive”. 

Phil told me last night’s cruise was a “quiet gathering” based on how many cars were there. He’s been to more of these Car Cruise events than I have, this was the first one I attended. He goes to them on a regular basis. I can safely say that I enjoyed it, and I would happily go to another one.

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