01 February 2014

Say hello to the Ford Focus

Change in the Definitely Motoring fleet. Back to driving a Ford again.

LAST WEEK, I bought myself a Ford Focus. As mentioned in some previous posts, I have been looking for a car to replace the Peugeot 206. But to be honest, it couldn't really come any sooner because the old Franc was getting on to its last legs. 

In the past few months, the Peugeot appeared to be developing problems left right and centre. The power steering pipe was completely goosed. I took it to a garage for a diagnosis. They said they needed to look and source the replacement pipe. If they found one, they'd get back to me. But this has been around two or three months later. Nothing. Quite frankly, they were taking the biscuit.

It was horrible having to put up with driving a car with no power steering. It felt heavy on my arms and they did ache after driving it. But overtime, I got used to it and the 206's steering got lighter at higher speeds. But as you could imagine, low speed manuovres and parking the car was at times, a real pig of a job.

Other problems the 206 has developed was the that the suspension was getting very worn out. The arms, track rod ends, CV joints, and probably the wishbones all appeared to be goosed. Up to speed - say about 50mph - it will be wobbly, and it was quite nerve racking having to drive on motorways with my commutes to work. It was worse when there was strong crosswinds.

The problems the 206 has isn't just mechanical glitches, there's also faulty electrics. Battery and ABS warning lights have appeared too. I replaced the battery recently, but the lights are dimmer and it's spluttering when it starts. Which makes me think the alternator needs replacing.

It was coming to a point where I was thinking...Is it really worth forking out money on repairs that will be more than the car's worth?

With the potential repair bills racking up, I was convinced it wasn't, and it's not worth the hassle either. So it was best to get another car, and then hopefully get round to getting rid of the 206. As of now, I still have it and not sure what to do with it. Scrap it? Repair it? Break it? Sell it for spares or repairs? Need to sort that out. But as tax apires on the vehicle soon, I will let the DVLA know that the Peugeot will be SORN'd - given a Statutory Off Road Notice.

But now I've got this Focus. I am really enjoying it with it being a fun to car to drive. It still looks neat for a car that's a decade old. Having a car with five doors for the first time also makes my life easier. It's nice having a practical car. Let's hope (touch wood) that it'll be a reliable one as well.

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