03 February 2012

Want exclusivity? Get a Citroën C6!

This Euro barge is more exclusive than a Rolls-Royce. No really, it is.

LAST year, Citroën only sold a handful of C6s. When I say handful, it really was. As only FOUR of them were bought brand new, registered and left the Citroën showrooms in 2011.

The sales figures of the big Citroën alone make it grim reading. When you consider that Rolls-Royce sold over 3,000 cars last year. That almost makes Rollers sound like they're common as muck when compared to a C6.

The number of C6s sold are well below Citroën's sales target. Renault's Vel Satis wasn't selling so they discontinued it in the UK market. Citroën however, will continue to sell the C6 in their showrooms.

Stating the obvious, here are the reasons on why the majority won't leave the Citroën showrooms in a C6. Depreciation of course, as the C6 loses money faster than Usain Bolt. Another is that it's a Citroën, it will more than likely fall victim to badge snoberry.

It shouldn't come to a surprise, but at the same time, it is on how many C6s were sold in 2011. Citroën's top of the range executive saloon would never be a volume seller. That's to be expected for a big French saloon. Citroën themselves, knew that their C6 wouldn't be as popular as a BMW 5-Series or a Jaguar XF.

But there is the obvious appeal behind the Citroën C6. Firstly, because it's not German. The individual looks, the Gallic charm and the exclusivity from its rarity, is what buyers will find the C6 appealing. Those who buy a brand new C6 will not be bothered by depreciation, or they'll have plenty of money at their disposal. They'll want to stand out and be different.

Whether the C6 is as good as the German opposition and Jaguar is irrelevant. What also makes it appealing is how it stirs the emotions. If you rate a car on how it makes you feel than its abilities. The Citroën C6 has the BMW 5-Series and the Audi A6 licked.

If you want exclusivity, the Citroën C6 could be the car for you. If depreciation is your concern, you're better off being patient. Look hard, and you can find a second hand one for around £6,000. Due to the heavy depreciation they face, they're an absolute steal too. Get a used C6, and you'll save a whopping £30,000. You'll get a lot of car for your money.

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