30 January 2012

Dangerous Drivers' School

Be prepared to be gobsmacked when you watch Channel 5's driving programme.

WE all have had encounters with idiotic drivers. After these encounters, we always speak under our breath and ask ourselves. How on earth did they pass their tests? That itself is a common reaction, if our tempers don't flare with road rage.

It doesn't come to a surprise that there are plenty of people out there, who aren't fit to drive on Britain's roads. Even though they hold a driving license. There is when you watch Channel 5's Dangerous Drivers' School. Expect some jaw dropping here.

Ranging from speed demons with an attitude problem in their driving. Who get the thrill from driving above the limit. There's also those who have phobias, lack confidence; even some that just really need to get back to the basics of driving a car and re-learn the rules of the road.

The bad drivers are brought onto the show by their friends or family. Who seek professional help from AA Driving instructors. To conquer their problems and hopefully make them a better driver for it.

I suggest you watch it and prepare to be shocked on how these people are out on the roads.

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