04 February 2012

MOT for KaKa

That quickly crept up as the Ford Ka is already due its MOT.

THE nerves kick in when your car is soon due its MOT. More so when the vehicle is over a decade old. Obviously, to have more confidence in it passing. It's best to get the work and preparation done to ease the nerves. Which is going to be done on my soon-to-be-gone Ford Ka.

My main concern with the car, is on whether it will pass or fail because of the rust. I've heard and read about plenty of Kas failing their MOT from the corrosion. A lot of early Kas have vanished off the roads because they've rusted away. Could mine be joining the ranks?

As far as maintenance goes since having it back. The Ka has been kept topped up with right level of oil and water on the engine. I also got it a new tyre recently. That was needed, as the old one barely had any tread on it. It couldn't have come any sooner in all honesty.

Today, the Ka's been taken to the garage. Been looked at and informed it would have failed its prospective MOT. With the feedback I got, with the work that's required to be been done to ensure it passes its MOT.

Welding is needed to be done on the driver's sill - something I was aware of - albeit a common Ka bugbear. Where there's a small hole from the rust underneath the bodywork. Elsewhere, the suspension front and rear, need sorting out from general wear and tear.

So in summary, that's all what's needed to get the Ka sailing through its MOT for another 12 months. A spot of welding and work carried out on the suspension by next week, when it has its MOT. After that, I'll have to hold onto the Ka for just that little bit longer 'til my next wage slip. It will be gone and replaced with a new car.

Work under way.

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