22 October 2011

Absolute madness: Nissan Juke-R

You'll either love or hate the Nissan Juke. But breed it with a GT-R and what you get is an absolute animal of a machine. That’s what Nissan have done.

THE Nissan Juke is far from being a normal car itself. That will be one of the very reasons people will love or hate in equal measure. However, if you reckon the Juke is a bit too tame. You’d best check out the Juke-R.

So what makes the Juke-R stand out from the standard car? The clue is in the name with what the “R” stands for. The Juke-R is a performance model that has inherited much of the technology and engineering from the GT-R.

Nissan’s engineers have extensively modified the Juke. Slotted under the bonnet is the 3.6-litre twin-turbo V6 engine that pumps out a colossal 480bhp. To handle the power, the Juke-R has the technology, the four-wheel drive train and running gear from the high performance GT-R. It’s reported that the Juke-R will hit 60mph in four seconds and go all the way to 196mph – Porsche 911 territory.

The Juke has also been lowered and stiffened. With aggressive: air vents, body kit, side skirts, spoilers and the 20inch alloys wheels from the GT-R fill in the wheel arches complete the transformation. The Juke-R’s menacing stance certainly looks the part.

Whether Nissan will make the Juke-R into production and put it on sale remains to be seen. If you’re an extrovert, you will love the Juke-R.

This article was first published on Car Throttle.

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