19 October 2011

The Pokemon car

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Pokemon was the rage. It even spun off some wheels.

I LOVED Pokemon as a child. All the time, I used to play the Blue version of Pokemon on my Game Boy. Wanting to be become a Pokemon master. With catching and training as many Pokemon as I could. Back in the days when there was only 150 Pokemon. Then there was the Pokemon cards, remember the shiny ones?

Satoshi Tajari’s creation has been hugely successful on an international scale. Leading to films and television series of Pokemon being made. Which was equally as successful. Then there’s the merchandise too. In short, Pokemon has become a multi-million dollar franchise.

When it was at its peak, there was even a merchandised car. Not a toy car, but a full sized car and I'm not even joking here. Toyota made this one-off based on arguably the show's most iconic Pokemon of all, Pikachu. With his face on the front of the car and Pikachu's eyes being the headlights and his red cheeks on the spotlights. There was also his tail on the tailgate of the car and ears on the roof. To top it off was the Pokeball wheel trims.

No doubt that the Toyota Pokemon car will be very collectable - it's more than likely it is already. They're also very rare as only 10 cars were made. It maybe daft but this is a seriously cool car.

Only the Japanese would make something this bizarre. Ironically being made by - in my opinion that is currently the world's most boring car manufacturer.

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