30 April 2017

What happened to the ornament?

It's a shame UK-spec Mercedes saloons (barring the S-Class) don't have them.

VIRTUALLY any new Mercedes-Benz you can buy, isn't available with a badge on the bonnet – well in the UK that is.

Yeah that’s right. You can’t buy your new C or E-Class saloon, with the traditional grille and the three-pointed star on the bonnet of your Merc. The only car that Mercedes sell in the UK with the traditional grille and badge on the bonnet, is the S-Class.

I appreciate that Mercedes don’t sell their cars with the traditional grilles. Simply because more people prefer the sportier look, with the overly large Merc emblems on the grille of their cars. As the traditional bonnet badge are viewed by some as a bit twee.

But a Mercedes saloon with the large chrome grille, and the iconic three-pointed star sitting on the bonnet of your car looks stately and far classier. With it looking more understated, I believe that Mercs looks more dignified and majestic for it. You’re telling others that you’re doing well and being gracious about it. Everything a Mercedes-Benz saloon should look.

Don’t get me wrong. The three-pointed star on the grille look fine on smaller, sportier Mercs like the SL and the SLK – and even the A-Class. But they don’t suit having them on the saloons. They just make the C and E-Class look vulgar. Though, you can probably get away with having them on the smaller C-Class (on AMG models).

With Mercedes-Benz UK denying buyers in Blighty, the chance to buy their saloons that comes with the traditional grille. Many love Mercs for the fact that they're quality products. Some would love one, but don't want to come across as a show-off about their success, and would rather be more low-key and gracious about it.

Left or right? You decide!

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