18 August 2015

BMW on the bucket list

Hankering after one of Bavaria's finest...

IF you are into your cars, the chances are that you will probably have a bucket list. A list that will feature a car, or some type of car you will want to own - or at least drive - in the near future.

I'll give you some examples, if they want a certain car like a Mini. If he or she hasn't decided on what make and model of car he or she wants. But have an idea of what type of car he or she wants.

It could range from a Hot Hatch, a mud plugging 4x4, or a big and luxurious comfy saloon. He or she though might even have made her mind up on what car from what make will be on the list. For example, this could include Land Rover or Alfa Romeo.

On my bucket list, I have put down a rear wheel drive car. There is plenty of choice if you fancy having a car that's driven by the back wheels and the world is your oyster. I have been hankering after a tail happy motor for some time if I'm honest.

I have narrowed down my choice of rear drive motor. My personal preference is something that is youthful and has some sporting pedigree. So in effect, I have ruled out cars by the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Lexus. Though they do they make some sporting cars, but they'd be out of my budget anyway.

A sports car is a good route to go down. Toyota MR-2, Mazda MX-5 or the MG F/TF. As much as I'd love a sports car, there will be times when my car will be carrying more than one passenger. It would happen more often than I think it ever does.

I will also need a car to have a boot to carry luggage and for shopping or trips to the skip. The type I driving I do is usually on the motorway, but also in town as well. So I'm afraid that I'll have to rule out a sports car.

I think there's only car manufacturer that makes such a car to meet my wants and needs. BMW. I want a sporty rear wheel drive car that can be fun, practical and attainable. For me, a Bimmer seems to fit the bill.

Obviously, I have to got to choose carefully. Buy a cherished, unmolested example with a full service history, complete with service book stamps, invoices and receipts. You can't go far wrong. Buying a bad Bimmer will be a recurring nightmare and a massive burden on my wallet.

As you may also point out that BMW ownership won't come cheap. Yes, parts and servicing is expected to be more expensive than the likes of Ford and Vauxhall. A Bimmer specialist can help you out on keeping the costs down of running one when it comes to parts, servicing and maintenance.

The BMW that I will buy is more than likely to be an E46 3-Series (pictured). Ideally a 318 or 320 as they're going to be a good compromise between performance and economy - though bigger engined Bimmers (e.g. a 325 or a 330) are tempting propositions. The rear wheel drive thrills you can have with a Bimmer is another reason I want one - as I have not yet owned a tail happy motor.

I want a BMW. In the near future, I will get one. Time to start saving up...

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