24 July 2015

Why Chris Evans can do well on Top Gear

Many won't give him a chance. Here's why you should...

CHRIS EVANS is the new Top Gear presenter, as officially confirmed by the BBC. It is no doubt that Jeremy Clarkson will be a tough act to follow for Evans. Not only because he was so synonymous with the show, he was also very popular if occasionally controversial. A show that's watched by 350 million viewers worldwide tells the story itself.

Many won't give the red haired man a chance, whilst others will be sceptical. Personally, I am willing to give Evans the chance to see how he'll do and why...

Firstly, Evans is a loud and proud petrolhead. His passion and love of cars has got to count for it - the BBC wouldn't have selected him to host Top Gear otherwise. Just take a look at his collection of cars. Cars are also the main reason we watch Top Gear right?

Evans became a household name from light entertainment television from presenting The Big Breakfast, Don't Forget Your Toothbrush and TFI Friday on Channel 4. With Top Gear not only being a motoring show, also one with light entertainment and humour thrown into the mix. Evans' years of experience and success in broadcasting - particularly light entertainment - should count for it.

When he came to do The Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 every weekday, Chris Evans took over from Sir Terry Wogan. That wasn't an easy task given how popular Sir Terry was on Radio 2 during the peak time morning traffic. Evans has been a hit on Radio 2 and The Breakfast Show is still as popular as ever.

Television programmes past or present have continued when they have changed presenters. Guest presenters on Have I Got News For You; Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning for example. There has been Top Gear before Jeremy Clarkson, and there can be Top Gear after Clarkson.

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