23 June 2014

World Cup Special: Fiat Panda Italia '90

WITH the FIFA World Cup taking place this month. Everyone (better to say the majority) gets ready and excited for the tournament.

Supermarkets and retailers have lots of beers and ciders on special offers. Everyone gets their England flags to hang out of the windows on their houses, cars and back gardens. We all get into the spirit of things.

Big name brands get into the spirit of things as well with big money sponsorships (e.g. Adidas and McDonald's). In the world of motoring, it isn't a big issue as such from how I see it. It is noted that Hyundai are official sponsors of the FIFA World Cup. The Korean company has been sponsoring these tournaments in the past. Vauxhall also sponsors the England National Team.

Back in 1990, Italy hosted the World Cup. To coincide with the event, Fiat made a special edition Panda to celebrate the nation being the hosts with the Italia '90 Panda.

The Italia '90 Panda had some distinctive features that distinguished it from the standard car. They were all white. Had green and red stripes down the side profile of the car to create the Italy flag. With emblems of the World Cup mascot on the rear quarters of the car, but also on the seats. Last but not least, it had them football wheel trims to complete the look.

Speaking of Italia '90, England reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. Paul 'Gazza' Gascogine was in tears, and a Mr John Barnes did set The World In Motion with some rapping on a New Order song. England were also much a better side back then than they are now.

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