20 February 2014

Petrolheads like Volvos

JEREMY CLARKSON infamously said: "You're not a true petrolhead, unless you've owned an Alfa Romeo". 

That's not a fact, that's just the Top Gear presenter's idea and definition of a petrol head. In Clarkson's theory, if you've owned an Alfa, you're apparently a true car nut.

Here is a point in case I put here. Volvos. The Swedish make are renowned for making cars that many say are: safe, solid, sensible, middle class saloons and estates. In other words, boring.

Many would say that Volvos are boring. They're stereotypically driven by the middle-aged and the retired. Where their cars are used for going to the recycling tips, or taken on long trips away. A complete polar opposite to the people who drive Alfa Romeos.

Despite on how much different Volvos and Alfa Romeos are. The similiarities lie with the people who own a Volvo or an Alfa. The principals from Volvo owners are in some way, similar to those who own Alfa Romeos. They both like cars, and would rather have something a bit different from the mainstream. Volvos are usually bought by people who use their heads. Alfas, well, they're bought with their hearts despite their well-known foibles. 

There are many petrol heads who yearn to own a Volvo like an Alfa Romeo - and they're attainable. You could write a list on each hand. Particularly performance cars from both manufacturers. Come on, we'd all love an 850R or a Spider.

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