20 February 2014

New sketches of the Audi TT

Audi have revealed sketches of their third generation sports coupe.

WITH the TT being an iconic motor, it looks like Audi are treading carefully with the new design of their sports coupe. As seen on the images, it's more or less being evolution than revolution. Rather like the Volkswagen Golf (which the TT is based on), Porsche 911 and the Range Rover.

The notable new feature is the new shape grille. With Audi’s four-ringed emblem mounted on the bonnet of the car than on the grille – which resembles the more expensive R8 supercar. Though, not much has been altered regarding the TT's shape and overall design.

But the new TT looks sharper and  has more angular lines and creases. It looks more squat with a lower stance. Many people bash Audi’s generic designs – even I have. But since the first TT arrived in 1998, it has been a hit for Audi. They can argue that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

It’s very likely the new TT will sit on the VAG MQB platform – the same platform as the current VW Golf, SEAT Leon, Skoda Octavia, and of course, another car in Audi’s line up, the A3. So the new TT should be lighter than the outgoing model with the MQB's lightweight construction.

It will also share the same engines as many other VAG cars. Audi will also have the TT available with front and four wheel drive (Quattro) variants, as well as sportier S-Line and RS models.

Audi will unveil the new TT at this year's Geneva Motor Show.

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