10 October 2013

Fog light drivers are idiots

IF you regularly drive your car at night. The chances are you have seen one too many idiots out on the roads, driving their cars with their fog lights ON. When the skies are clear and visibility is not restricted.

Driving your car at night with your fog lights on all the time is not big and it's not clever. Some young drivers in my age group, will think they'll look 'cool' driving their cars with their fog lights on. The reality is they're complete tools.

Offending fog light drivers are either oblivious, or choose to ignore what the potential dangers can be to themselves and other road users. Other road users in front of them and on coming traffic dazzles their vision. Which can make it uncomfortable and restricts visibility for others when driving. According to insurer Swift Cover, nearly 300,000 drivers had accidents from fog light drivers in the UK back in 2011.

Furthermore, driving at night with your fog lights on all of the time is also illegal. Offenders caught doing it could be liable to a fixed penalty. By UK law, the times you can drive with your fog lights on is in harsh weather conditions. The highway code says you can do it: where visibility is severely restricted, and cannot see further than 100 metres whilst driving. That's when fog lights can be used. So that you can see on the move and be seen by other drivers. That's what they should be used for.

So in the end, if you're out driving in the late hours and can clearly see out. Don't be a fool and keep them fog lights OFF. Rant over.

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