25 September 2012

New Civic Type-R on the horizon!

Honda has high aims for their new Hot Hatch…

BARRING the CR-Z, red-blooded Honda fans haven’t had much to get excited over with their recent cars. With the arrival of the new Civic, there’s no doubt they’ll be wondering if Honda’s going to be making a Type-R model.

Good news. Honda will be making a new Civic Type-R so there will be something to get our pulses racing. Hopefully it should be a lairy and intoxicating Hot Hatch that Type-Rs have always been.

Honda has high aims into making the next Type-R the fastest front-wheel-drive car on the Nürburgring circuit. The current car to hold the crown is the almighty RenaultSport Megane RS Trophy, that sets the benchmark by holding the record lap time of 8 minutes and 08 seconds.

Details are that Honda will slot a new engine in the upcoming Civic Type-R. As the previous Type-R (pictured above) was forced out of production because it didn’t meet the recent regulations on exhaust gas emissions. That’s why Honda’s developing a new engine for the new Type-R. But does it mean this is the end of their famous, revvy VTEC engines?

There’s also been speculation of the Type-R for the first time being powered by a turbocharged engine. Which is very much the norm on Hot Hatches anyway. In this day and age, with stringent regulations on Co2 and exhaust emissions. Where car manufacturers are making more compact engines that are more powerful. But with lower emissions and also returning decent fuel economy to meet the regulations. So it shouldn’t come to a surprise if the new Civic Type-R is turbocharged.

With the new engine for the next Civic Type-R, Honda has remained tight lipped about information on it. Such as the engine’s size and capacity or how powerful it is. No doubt details will follow come nearer the time. But you'll have to wait a while...as Honda says the new Civic Type-R is likely to arrive in 2015.

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