31 March 2012

Fuel for thought

Thoughts and opinions on the matter over the so-called ‘Petrol Panic Purchase’…

FIRST and foremost, there is NO strike yet. As it’s not been officially confirmed from the tanker drivers. They haven’t even announced a date from when they will actually go on strike. There are rumours of tankers taking industrial action. The rumours have sent alarm bells ringing in many motorists’ heads. 

Raising great concerns, many have queued up to the pumps to fill the tanks up of their vehicles with a ‘panic buy’ of fuel. Installing fears that the supply of fuel will dry up.

The strike isn’t actually taking place as far as we know. If it does, by law under the 1992 Trade Union Act, the tankers would have to give us all seven days notice. If the strikes are going ahead, then that is the time to buy.

Let’s just stop there. These are rumours, yes rumours, so whether it’s true tankers are taking action or not. We don’t know just yet for sure. So the panic buys really aren’t necessary. It's a case of acting before thinking.

David Cameron and other foolish politicians haven’t helped matters with their speculations and suggestions. Oh and onto the subject of politics, they’re making cuts here, there and pretty much everywhere. There’s one cut I and the rest of the nation would love the Government to make…LOWERING THE PRICE OF PETROL BY CUTTING FUEL DUTY!!

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