01 January 2012

Spotted: Ford Fiesta MK2

When was the last time you remember seeing a Ford Fiesta MK2?

Ford Fiesta MK2

BRITAIN'S streets were once littered with MK2 Ford Fiestas. The Blue Oval's then-smallest car in their line up was a common sight like pigeons were in town centres at one point. I stumbled down Darwen town centre last winter and saw a MK2 Fiesta parked on the street. It looks like it's being used a basic little runaround like many have done at their disposal. 

A lot of MK2 Fiestas have vanished off the roads due to them rusting away, therefore being scrapped. A fraction of XR2s will have also been abused and written off by Boy Racers. So seeing one recently, still on the road was quite a treat.

I'm astonished on how tiny the MK2 Fiesta is compared to other "small" cars on the road. A reminder on how much "superminis" have grown in size. It wouldn't surprise me if the latest Fiesta is bigger than the Escort.

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