03 January 2012

The hunt continues...

The time really is coming for the next car...

AFTER hours of browsing on the web looking at prospective next cars. I have decided to go out, visit some dealers and look at some prospects in the metal. Speeding up the process of changing my car.

It's all well and good looking at these cars from your comfort of your own sofa. The glossy pictures, the details such as the mileage and the service history it has can be enticing for prospective buyers. All is well on helping the dealer sell their cars off their forecourts. 

But looking through virtual dealers and showrooms online is not the same as looking as seeing them in the metal. You can't have a proper look at the cars from the monitor of your computer. Plus, you're not going to find any faults either. Examples being the condition of the vehicle such as the engine, the interior, the electrics and the bodywork.

Some (dodgy) dealers don't post as many pictures of a particular car for sale in their virtual showroom as others. Not only that, they may even deliberately leave out any information or details that could mask a multitude of faults that car may have.

So anyway, what cars are on my list? Well, I've not really made a list as such but I have made my mind up on what sort of car. Ideally, it will be a supermini that is bigger and more practical than my old Ford Ka and that won't exactly be difficult. 

My prospective next car will have the bits and bobs like alloy wheels, electric windows and central locking (remote ideally). The niceties I'm used to and currently enjoy having in my Ka. There will be things I will definitely want in my next car and that will be a glovebox. Could do with it having one to store my CDs. 

With the change of circumstances in getting another job which has become permanent. Also due to the fact I'm a 21 year old bloke and built up my years of no claim, I can afford to have a car with a bit more oomph. Which will be great because my commutes to work involves driving on the M65 and open roads.

I will be trading in my old Ka and use it as a full deposit towards getting that car I want to get. I know I've mentioned about changing car a few times - it's been going on for a while about changing it and has turned into some kind of saga. You maybe aware of the delay and (hopefully) understand the reasons behind it. 

Now with everything getting into place with me being back in work again, the next Definitely Motoring car will be coming very soon! With a new year, a new start and a new car. As always, I will keep you updated about it so keep your eyes peeled.

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