06 January 2012

Plans for 2012

Looking ahead for 2012 and what maybe in store for the future on Definitely Motoring...

2011 HAS not been the best year for me personally. My car has been fun yet fickle. It has ended well with graduating from higher education and leaving with an FDA qualification in Graphic Design. Then there has been getting another job which has become permanent. After months of searching, applying and with a couple of interviews along the way.

With the change of circumstances means I am looking forward to 2012. With working again and getting an income, it means I can do more things to satisfy my automotive passion. But anyway, here are some plans for 2012...


I HAVE not attended many motoring shows or events in my lifetime. It's quite shocking and I should not call myself a petrolhead for that. I haven't been able to in the past though. But it's never too late to start going to shows and events in the future is it?

I enjoyed the RLAS Classic Car Show that I attended last summer at Witton Park in Blackburn. Now I am back in work means I can go, enjoy myself and go to more events. To name some with the Ormskirk Motor Fest, the British Touring Car Championship race at Oulton Park, maybe Santa Pod and possibly the Ford Fair in Silverstone. 

So my calendar needs to be looked at and have dates marked down for any prospective events I may attend this year. My grandparents got me a lovely compact Top Gear calendar for 2012, which will come in handy.

New car

NOT technically a newer car in the true sense but a new year, a new car. Some of you will be aware of that "new car" saga going on - at the time of writing. I've promised myself on changing car and having looked at some prospects in the metal for sale besides some online. The time is coming closer to it actually happening.

With the change in circumstances for the better, I can afford to change car. Another thing, I WILL make sure I give my next car the attention and maintenance. As any car deserves to be treated with respect. I should be able to afford to do that as well now I'm back in work.

Road tests and reviews?

THIS is something I will also wanting to be doing more of. That is having the chance of driving more cars and get more reviews up on Definitely Motoring. The reviews on here have also been the most popular posts on the website. Whether there is any more reviews and road tests on the horizon remains to be seen in all honesty.

To end that...

I WILL continue doing what I do with my work on Definitely Motoring. With automotive musings, reviews and updates. To dedicate my passion in cars and pass on my enthusiasm to prospective car nuts that visit and read what's written this site.

I'm delighted in having the knowledge there are people who come on here to read and check up on Definitely Motoring. Who also enjoy reading and that send in their comments on some of the stuff I've written on here. So a BIG thank you from me for that.

Before I go, I wish you all the best and have a prosperous year ahead for you all for 2012!

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