22 December 2011

Merry Christmas from Definitely Motoring

To you lovely readers...

FIRST of all, I will personally like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and the start to the New Year. The first Christmas here on Definitely Motoring and since I started this website, dedicating to my keen interest (some may say obsession) of cars in February this year. 

Definitely Motoring has been slowly gained a nice little following. I'm pleased to know that there are people who enjoy and check out this site. So that's a big thank you to you. Especially if you happily stop by when browsing on the web.

I'll say it again before we go, getting merry and festive. With turkey, mulled wine and pulling crackers. Have a great Christmas and start to the New Year!!

All the best

Luke McCormack


  1. Happy Christmas! Looking forward to what you guys come out with in 2012

  2. Great website guys, keep it up. Looks like it could be a challenger to the mighty aronline.

  3. Thank you so much James and Ian for your kind comments. I doubt it on being a challenger to AROnline. But having said that, I love that website from Keith Adams and the boys.


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