19 December 2011

R.I.P Saab

It's end of the road for Swedish car manufacturer, Saab as they've officially filed for bankruptcy. 

SAAB have been through a rough patch for some time. More so since General Motors flogged them off to Spyker last year. The inevitable has happened with the Swede maker filing for bankruptcy today.

We will remember Saab as the car maker from Sweden that made distinctive, well engineered machines with their clever quirks and innovations. Such as their aspiring jet fighter looks and excellent interior ergonomics.

Saab was one of the few manufacturers that enjoyed a loyal customer base. As those who bought one would happily buy another one. They were tend to be bought by people who actually liked cars, who would buy it with their heart and their head. In the years to come, it will continue to have that loyal fan base.

It's sad news that Saab has closed its doors. No doubt there will be many mourning the loss as it's a great name gone into the history books.

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