15 October 2011

Not the end of ugly BMWs

As you'll see with the all-new BMW 1-Series. Plus a look into the Chris Bangle designed BMWs.

DESIGN itself is a subjective matter. It’s very much the case with the controversial BMWs penned by Chris Bangle that divides many peoples’ opinions.

BMWs designed by Chris Bangle are a very much a thing of the past. Where avant-garde Beemas are replaced by more understated looking cars. As seen with the 5 and 6-Series models. Does this spell the end of awkwardly styled BMWs? No, because have you seen the all-new 1-Series? Well just look at it!

The previous 1-Series was hardly an attractive car to begin with. Popular premium hatchback it was, but it wasn't bought by people based it on its looks. The fact that it was bought for being the cheapest route into BMW ownership. Prior to this, the 1-Series was the only rear-wheel-drive car in the small, family hatchback C-Segment. That feature alone was the baby Beema's Unique Selling Point (USP).

Judging by seeing the latest crop of BMWs which look more svelt and understated. You'd probably think that BMW would improve the looks of the next 1-Series. But they haven't, and it looks like its predecessor, except that it's been melted to be stretched. The rear-end also looks like it was pinched from the latest Volkswagen Polo from a distance.

I remember when the first Bangle-designed BMW hit the roads. The 7-Series certainly divided opinion, as did the 1, 5 and 6-Series and Z4 models that followed on. I didn't take too kindly to the challenging looks on Bangle's cars. But over time, the designs grew on me. His distinctive designs on BMW's line up of cars have matured like fine wine and stood the test of time. They still look fresh today.

Personally, I am going to miss Bangle's BMWs with his sharp, fresh, pure designs. Displaying his forward thinking that was never seen on the BMWs in the past. His work is something that should be appreciated in years to come. The Z4 Coupe will be a classic of Bangle-styled Bimmers. You take my word for it.

Do you think it's great BMW are going to back to their old ways with their design direction? Or is that a retro-grade step in contrast to the ugly ones penned by Chris Bangle? You can make your mind up on that.

The BMW 5-Series (E60) is a classic Bangle design with a love or loathe affair.

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