02 October 2011

All SORN’d up

The DVLA is now informed the Ford Ka's off the road and a reflection on travelling without a car.

LAST week was when the tax runs out on my car. As it’s currently off the road and that I've not driven it for some time. It’s not going to be up and running again. Hopefully it should be anytime before Christmas should be when my little Ford Ka's back on the road with a new engine slotted in.

Due to the current circumstances, I’ve decided to declare my vehicle to the DVLA as SORN. Despite this, it’s still insured until its renewal – can’t say I’m looking forward to that. Even if I reach to the age of 21 and bag another year’s no claim. My premiums will probably go up, like it has for many other law-abiding motorists.

Life without a car makes it more difficult and I feel lost. If you’ve been in my situation having been used to a car; you’ll realise on how convenient it is on having your own transport. By getting to and from places where and when you want to. Now, I'm having to fit the times of getting to and from places around a bus or train timetable.

Once back on the road and ready, the Ka will need to be taxed and then be flogged off. For the time being, it's SORN'd for legal reasons. Sitting on the driveway.

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