19 September 2011

Gaining appreciation: Ford Escort RS2000

A road going version of the Blue Oval’s Seventies rallying icon. The Ford Escort RS2000 is already a sought after car and the appreciation for them is growing.

Mk1 Ford Escort RS2000

LOUD paint jobs, go faster stripes and fluffy dice are not the only reasons to like the original Ford Escort RS2000. A car that evokes 1970s nostalgia. If you have petrol running through your veins, it will be the very successful, tail-happy rally monster. Tackling the rough terrains of mud in Wales; gravel in Greece and snow in Scandinavia.

The MK1 Escort RS2000s today, are very sought after cars and are much loved by Ford fans and car enthusiasts alike. Pristine examples can fetch a lot of money for one and the values are soaring. That also helps due to the car's rarity and the growing appreciation for the RS2000.

It's never more apparent there's growing appreciation for the Escort RS2000. Definitely Motoring is pleased to report that the numbers of surviving examples are on the UP! That enthusiasts are willing to invest their time and money in saving and restoring the original RS2000s.

Sourced from the brilliant website howmanyleft.co.uk, showing that the number of surviving cars are rising. From 355 last year to 433 examples registered on the road this year. As there's more Escort RS2000s, I sincerely hope they aren't going to be killed off on rallying courses.

There has been plenty of articles written on motoring sites and blogs about endangered and extinct cars on the British roads. With information sourced from howmanyleft.co.uk. This is great news about more older, classic cars being preserved. It's refreshing to say the least.

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