25 August 2011

Engine hunt for the Ford Ka

A bit of an update on the Definitely Motoring fleet car...

WITH my Ford Ka off the road, I’ve been on the look for a new engine for it, as well as looking for one online. To give you a bit of a recap, I am planning to get it mended instead of it getting scrapped. I want to get that done and dusted because it feels like it’s turning into some sort of saga.

I’ve been borrowing a car recently, thanks to my stepfather who kindly lent it to me. However, this is only on a temporarily basis, so it’s important to try and get my car back on the road. Especially as the car I’m borrowing is due to be sold soon.

So what’s been done? To put it plainly, not much as there’s lots that needs to be done. Getting an engine is one thing, fitting it in is another kettle of fish altogether. Then there’s the cost of mending my car. Quite a mountain to climb in all honesty.

Nevertheless, I have been searching for engines online. As well as looking on my laptop and from the comfort of my own sofa. I’ve also been out to visit some scrapyards in Blackburn too. Browsing and comparing prices because I want to get a good deal on a good engine. To give the old Ka a new lease of life it as I still want it on the road.

Most people in my situation had their car needing a new engine. They would write it off and scrap it. The thing is, I’m not like most people. I must be crazy to do this. But I can get the money back from fixing the car. So you could argue that it’s a smart move don’t you think?

For now, the Ka stays put. Waiting for an engine transplant.


  1. Thanks originalsteve :-) It will be in a matter of time

  2. Good luck on your search for a new engine. I had to do the same of my old L reg fiesta. Hopefully you will get it sorted soon.


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