15 July 2011

The next car... RE-VISITED!

Action plan set up concerning my car and what will get me back on the road.

I HAVE decided to keep the fickle Ford Ka - but this will only be temporary. I really do think that my car can have a future. I believe it should be in the hands of someone who wants a project car and give it some TLC. I am strongly against the idea of it going to scrapyard. Then being squashed by the claws of the crusher.

Why am I keeping it? Well I am a young driver and this will help me build up my years no claim. I'm getting rid of it when my insurance renewal is due. In turn, this will help me when buying the next car. Making it cheaper to insure the next motor. Besides that, I have decided that it may as well be worth repairing the Ka. This is so I can get my money back when selling, then putting it towards purchasing my next set of wheels.

It's certain I will be relieved when I've flogged the old Ka. Being my first car, I have loved it having worn rose-tinted spectacles. I will miss it and look back at it; with fond memories in the years to come with the "my first car" conversations I'll have. I can guarantee you that.

What will my next car be? Well that remains to be seen. The new car will be here on Definitely Motoring in the near future...

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