27 June 2016

Happy 40th Birthday to the Ford Fiesta

Here's a toast to Ford's small car as Uncle Henry's baby turns 40...

THIS year, it will be 40 years ago when the very first Ford Fiesta ever graced tarmac back in the Summer of 1976. The Fiesta has been a successful and long-running staple for The Blue Oval, and has long been a household name in the world of small cars.

From the very beginning, Uncle Henry's baby has always been a car that is: cheap to buy, cheap to run and relatively easy to maintain. Today, these principles have largely remained in practice in the Fiesta. It's a winning formula that Ford has stuck to over the past 40 years which has been key to its success.

Ford has always made a wide range of Fiestas to cater for tastes or budgets. Ranging from the basic no-frills Popular; the plush and well-appointed Ghia, to the hot and sure footed XR2 and ST. In a nutshell, there was a Fiesta for everyone.

The Blue Oval's small car has consistently been a big seller over the past four decades. Especially in Britain, where the Fiesta has always been one of the nation's best sellers. In 1990 to 1991; 1996 to 1999, and from 2009 to present, the Fiesta has been Britain's best selling car.

In July 2014, the Fiesta broke the British sales charts record by being the nation's all time best seller. To date, Ford has sold over four million Fiestas in the UK.

Due to its success in the UK, the Fiesta has become part of the fabric of British culture. A staple of our society. You will have either driven or owned a Fiesta. If not, you'll know someone who has. Who's probably had one as a first car, or maybe as a little runaround which is a second car in their household.

The Fiesta has changed and evolved over the years. Keeping up with consumer trends and to comply with safety regulations. Not just to ensure it remains top of the class in the Supermini segment. But most importantly, it's been done to ensure the Fiesta continues selling and makes up the numbers for Ford.

It's impossible to overstate that the Fiesta has been a very important car for Ford. Four decades on, this continues to be the case today and the Fiesta is still going strong. To celebrate the occasion, the Blue Oval have made a special edition Fiesta ST200. They've also done a parade of 40 Fiestas of all generations going from Dagenham to Brighton.

Happy 40th birthday to the Ford Fiesta.

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