13 June 2016

EVENTS: 2016 Skipton Car Show

IT'S been a long time since I went to a car event. The last one I went to was the Ford Fair back in 2012. After promising that I would go to more events, I haven’t done so in nearly four years. Shocking. But to be fair, circumstances has meant that I couldn’t attend any shows.

Very recently, I went to one in Skipton last Sunday with my good friend James Kelly. Where we met up in Clitheroe and travelled to the small Yorkshire town in his Alfa Romeo 146. That Twin Spark engine sure does make a good noise may I add.

Unlike previous events I’ve been to. This one was in the town centre where the majority of cars on display were retro and classic cars. Surprisingly, there was more classic Fords than MGs - something I did not expect.

Besides Blue Ovals from the old school, there was a huge variety of retro and classic cars on display. Ranging from the bona-fide classics to the mundane and obscure old timers. It was a great day out in the glorious sunshine.

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