26 May 2016

Fifth Gear no more?

It's end of the road according to Tiff Needell...

AFTER being on air for the past 14 years, it looks like that it could be end of the road for Fifth Gear.

Although this hasn't been officially confirmed by broadcaster ITV, or North One Productions that make the show. Presenter Tiff Needell, who has been on the show since it first broadcast in 2002, confirmed on Twitter that there isn't any new episodes or a new series in the pipeline. Well not any time soon.

Fans of the show have responded in disbelief. Tiff's response to this that there has been no commissions for a new series, and that it's been difficult to get any. It looks like that the writing could well be on the wall for Fifth Gear.

It could be argued though, that with the interest of the Chris Evans-era Top Gear. Also with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May with The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Time. That there could well be a market and an audience for car shows on TV.

Maybe ITV are sitting on the fence to see how the new Top Gear fares as well as The Grand Tour. If they're to be successful, then there could a be chance that Fifth Gear could continue and be recommissioned for a new TV series. If not, then Fifth Gear could well have its future on the internet. As their YouTube channel is very popular having over 100 million views, and nearly half a million subscribers.

If Fifth Gear is coming to a total end. It could give Jeremy Clarkson an opportunity to get Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler-Henderson onto The Grand Tour. Given that Top Gear have more than enough presenters. 

Tiff and Clarkson have presented Top Gear together in the past. Despite going their separate ways, they've remained good friends. For years, they have done Top Gear Live together with Hammond and May. Tiff and Vicki have also enjoyed their fare share of banter with Clarkson. Which is much to the amusement for the viewers.

To end this. Will you mourn the potential loss of Fifth Gear? Or do you think the days for the show are simply numbered?

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