07 April 2016

MOT history is handy for used car buyers

A great tool that should help many buy a second hand car with confidence.

THE DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency) has made buying second hand cars easier for consumers in recent times. You can now look at your prospect's MOT history online. It's quick and easy. All you need to do is type in the vehicle's make and registration number.

While it may not be the same as a full service history. An MOT history is more than likely to give buyers a better idea on whether they're parting their cash on a peach or a lemon. All based on its history of whether the car has been failed by the MOT man in the past and why - but also on the list of advisories while it has some ticket.

Checking through the history, reading through what work needs to be done on the car based on the list of advisories when it had its MOT can be a great haggling tool for buyers. More so if it hasn't got much ticket left.

The MOT history doesn't just give consumers an idea of how well - or how poorly - the car has been maintained. But also if the car gets regular use or not, by looking at what miles the car has racked up when it's had its previous MOTs.

Furthermore, it should also helps buyers on the cars they're looking at on what potential problems could occur. This can help influence the decision on whether or not they should buy the car. Which can save people a lot of money and heartache.

For cowboy dealers and traders, the induction of the MOT history should make life harder for them. Flogging dodgy motors, deceiving people and conning money out of them. More so that consumers can readily access information on the history of the cars they're selling.

The induction of the MOT history won't only help consumers on buying used cars with confidence. It will also help the motor trade clean up its act. As second hand car dealers and traders - rightly or wrongly - have a bad reputation with consumers. Just like these chaps on BBC Rogue Traders as seen on the clip below.

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