15 April 2016

Ford Focus – Two years on...

How has the Definitely Motoring fleet car served Luke McCormack?

IN the two years I've owned my Ford Focus. It has served me well and has been a great all rounder. A car that's practical, comfortable and fun to drive with predictable running costs that has made it a relatively painless and enjoyable car to own. Over the time I've owned it, I've never grown attached to it. In fact, I've been very content with it.

The only major things I've really had to spend any money on the Focus was replacing the brakes, mirrors and the tyres. Minor things was on a new radio - the CD player kept chewing up the discs and scratching them. Then I replaced the gear knob with one from a Puma/SportKa. A personal touch of mine which suits the Focus being a Zetec model.

My car has recently had its MOT, but there was work required for it to pass and get some ticket. A nearside rear coil spring, brake pipe, track rod ends, power steering pump all needed to be replaced. Oh, and the front and rear fog lights need fixing too - that's down to broken bulbs or faulty wiring.

Another niggle on my Focus is the electric window on the driver's door. That's not needed to be sorted to pass its MOT, so it can be done another day in my own time. I'll get that sorted by the Summer latest, so I can roll down while driving by on hot, sunny days. Not only that, I smoke, so that's another reason to get it done.

Despite this, I did not hear any major concerns about rust by the MOT man - surprising to say the least being a twelve year old Ford. So the sills could be solid and intact (for now). Mind you, the Focus is better protected against tinworm than other cars by the Blue Oval, from the late Nineties like the Ka and the Fiesta. Still, my Focus is infected with bubbling rear arches, and the nearside rear door going crusty at the bottom. Not a major issue as it's only surface rust on the car.

Luckily, I've started saving up money since the start of 2016. Not just to get things that I want (e.g. a deposit towards a house), but also for emergency funds. It pays to save up if you can, especially when faced with unexpected bills - as I have been with my car. Thankfully, the repair bill for my Focus has not been to amount it exceeded the car's value.

As the Focus is getting some work done to remain road legal, I may as well get it serviced. Repair and maintenance on the car is done and dusted as far as I'm concerned. All I need to do is sort out that window and all is well.

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