07 October 2015

There's something about Rat Look cars

Probably a guilty pleasure and one skeleton out of Luke McCormack's garage...

FROM a personal perspective and experience of going to the odd car show myself. That with some car scenes and groups, snobbery is somewhat rife. Judgement is passed on by some people who own certain cars, and (more often than not) they'll bash others because they own and drive something different to them.

For those who own and drive Rat Look cars, they will be on the receiving end of this kind of treatment more than others. I think we should just stop there.

Whether or not you like Rat Look motors and admittedly, they are an acquired taste. But there is something to be admired about them and the owners of these cars. What I like about the them is on what they say about their owners. It's the I-don't-give-a-shit attitude that they display, and not caring what people say or what they think about them. Rebel against snobbery and (to a larger extent) the establishment. But also wanting and daring to be different.

They also have my respect, because they have the nerve to deliberately make a tidy Volkswagen Golf look shabby. Like ruining the paintwork, and making panels like the bonnet or the doors rusty on the surface. That takes some balls.

Have a real soft spot for vinyl sticker bombs on cars.  Image credited to Tim Wong.

Dare I say -  and call me what you like - some of the modifications on Rat Look cars are a real work of art. There are features on them that I really like. The flat, matt black and utilitarian green paintwork and/or vinyl wraps, the yellow lights, and the banded wheels painted in bright colours.

I must confess that I do have a real soft spot for sticker bombs. I have been toying with the idea on putting them on my Ford Focus. Not sure on whether to take the plunge in doing so.

It's a common misconception that Rat Look cars are not well looked after based on their appearances. Actually, you'd be surprised to know that these shabby looking motors are well looked after. Many will make sure that their cars are mechanically sound and run as sweet as a nut.

With the time and effort they spend on them, owners of Rat Look cars take as much pride in their cars as much as any others car enthusiasts. In fact, they ARE car enthusiasts, and that is something many overlook.

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