21 September 2015

Getting handy with a spanner

RECENTLY, I  enrolled onto a part time college course studying Motor Vehicle repair and maintenance. Over the years back at school, college and whatever job I have had, my interest in cars has always been there. 

I've wanted to work in the motor trade for some time. But I've never really wanted to be a car dealer or sales executive as it's not my neck of the woods.

Furthermore, I'm also keen to broaden my hands-on knowledge and experience of cars. Over the years, I've learned more about myself after working in an office, shop floor and a warehouse that I'm more of a hands-on practical person. I learn and gain more from seeing and doing things.

I don't why it's taken me a while in wanting to have a job or career working with cars. Looking back in hindsight, the truth is that I never really knew on what I wanted to do. I also feared that my interest in cars would diminish in time - turns out it hasn't. But lets not dwell on it because now I know what I want to do. What future I see for myself, and what I can be doing and that's working with cars.

It all sounds like a dream for me in wanting to embark a career with motor vehicles. It's a life goal I've set for myself. A realistic one that I can achieve. I'm looking forward and here's to the future.

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