20 January 2015

MG keeping up with the times?

Some MG fans and purists may bemoan them making a crossover. They're all the rage at the moment, and it could be a shrewd move in them making one.

MG HAVE recently released images of the new MG GS SUV crossover - more details on the car by clicking here. Some purists will be quick to moan about MG making an SUV. Much in the same way that Porsche purists do in them making the Cayenne and the Macan. Like Porsche, MG is known and loved for making sports cars.

Did you know that the Cayenne accounts for more cars that Porsche sells than the 911? It does, and funds Porsche to continue making those exciting 911s we all know and love. So be thankful for the Cayenne. If the GS is to be the golden egg laid by MG, then they could onto something there. That can fund them in developing and making a brand new sports car. The long-awaited replacement for the ancient MG TF we're all waiting for.

There is a healthy market for SUVs and crossovers. People are buying them in droves, so it’s actually a good move by MG in making the GS. Despite what the purists and nay-sayers will say and tell you.

If the GS is rated as good as the Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage and Ford Kuga, then it has a chance of doing well. Making a good car is half the battle, advertising and marketing the car is key for it selling and making up the numbers.

PR, marketing and advertising (the lack of it) is one of MG’s weakest subjects. That is why their cars are slow sellers. How many MG3s and MG6s have you seen on the roads? OK, so sales have picked up a bit in recent times - MG have shouted from the rooftops about their growth as well. I'm convinced they have because I've seen a few more more of them on the roads, but they're not a common sight all the same.

Reviewers of MG’s latest crop of cars, the MG3 and the MG6, have said they are good cars in being sporty, fun to drive and well priced albeit rough around the edges. Though that would have been from fairer and more complimentary reviewers. However, the likes of: Jeremy Clarkson and What Car? Magazine has heavily criticised MG’s cars.

Despite the reviews, MG has done well in a customer satisfaction survey. In the 2014 Driver Power Survey carried out by Auto Express, the MG6 scooped the award of being 'The Best Handling' car. Furthermore, the '6 finished in the top ten (6th place) out of the 150 cars to own in the Driver Power Survey. Bodes well for MG and a great vote of confidence.

Nevertheless, they're making slow but steady progress. Still, MG have room for improvement in some areas - their PR, marketing and advertising needs addressing. From my perspective, it's clear that they have talent and potential to do well.

The MG6 was a slow seller due to a lack of marketing. Based on a recent driver survey though, buyers love them.

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