29 January 2015

About time they turn the lights on

Hooray! The Highways Agency has finally listened.

THE number of deaths that have happened on the M65 during the late evenings and early hours of the following mornings; some have blamed these tragedies from the 'lack of lighting' on the motorway. Concerns have been raised about it being a greater risk to drivers.

The M65 motorway runs through Lancashire from Preston in the central part of the county, to Colne in the East. A number of junctions on the M65 have had the lights off turned by the Highways Agency, as a means of saving money. Which stems to the issue that it has cost lives from accidents on junctions without lighting. 

There has been campaigns by motorists, the public, local MPs and the media in East Lancashire and surrounding areas for lights to be turned back on the M65 on unlit areas — particularly where accidents have happened. It looks like the Highways Agency has finally listened and acted upon it. The lights will be turned back on.

I’m all for the lighting back on the motorway, especially if it means the M65 is safer to drive through during the late hours. Saving lives is far more important than saving money. We will have a better view of the road  - crucially important when driving at night.

As the Highways Agency is doing their bit, we should do ours too. It’s our responsibility to drive safely as well. Safer drivers mean safer roads.

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