11 April 2014

Toyota Prius - An unlikely Hollywood star

WHEN Toyota were developing the Prius, they were set on making a car with interest of the world's environment. It's highly doubted that Toyota's marketing men predicted their green car would appeal to celebrities. Let alone the thought of them ever driving one.

Few would have predicted on how many famous owners the Prius would get. While many have Ferraris, Bentleys and Range Rovers. They will also have a Prius in their garage.

Leonardo diCaprio, Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, Dustin Hoffman, and Orlando Bloom to name a few, that own a Toyota Prius.

Personally, I think the Prius is an interesting car albeit not very exciting. With the hybrid powerplants of a conventional petrol engine, and batteries powering the car. It displays Toyota's different approach to making cars kind to the environment - that's something I like about it. It's a fact that cars aren't kind to the environment from the carbon dioxide that they emit from their exhaust pipes.

You can't help but feel that these celebs have bought a Prius to make a statement. A statement that they 'care' about the environment. They're condradicting themselves here, and I can see why that would annoy a few people. Let's face it, they would cover more miles in their gas guzzling Bentleys and Range Rovers. I mean, a rapper would never have one featured on their music video.

From the perspective of Toyota's PR man, pictures of celebrities driving their Priuses in Los Angeles in newspapers or magazines like The Sun or Heat. That can only be seen as good publicity from the celebrity endorsements. More so, if Toyota didn't fork out millions for a famous face to front the campaign of their car.

When you speak of hybrids or environmentally friendly cars, many will mention the Toyota Prius. But with its oddball Tomorrow's World look about it, it's also a car that many will know and recognise. With the help of celebs pootling round in their Priuses, Toyota's hybrid has become a classless motoring icon in similar vein to the Mini and the Land Rover Defender.

Cameron Diaz is one of many celebrities that own a Toyota Prius.

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