20 March 2014


LAST week out in Blackburn town centre, I spotted a Lancia HPE parked by. It was a sight for sore eyes. Mind you, seeing any Lancia on Britain’s roads is a treat itself. 

Being the core bore I am, I do enjoy car spotting with the sight of seeing classic cars, rare and obscure motors out in the wild. Especially when it’s not at a motoring show or a classic car event. I took a snap of the car, and shared it on a car enthusiasts group on Facebook. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to see a surviving HPE on the road let alone a Lancia. 

The Lancia HPE (High Performance Estate) was the sporting estate (or shooting brake) of the Beta range, and was in no doubt inspired from the Reliant Scimitar. Not only a car to rival Tamworth’s creation, but also to compete against the Volvo Amazon P1800. 

This HPE I looked at was immaculate. The paintwork was gleaming, and there was no rot on the bodywork – which is unusual for an Italian car from the early Eighties. There were no scratches, dents or bubbling spots on any panels. It was spotless. 

If this Lancia hasn’t been restored, it’s definitely been dry stored and been cherishingly looked after throughout its life. It’s a blessing, and a real asset to the owner of that car.

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