07 March 2014

Au revoir to the Peugeot 206

THIS week, it was farewell to my Peugeot 206 XSi. 

After the way it disintegrated right in front of my own eyes, it soon become a car that was beyond economic repair. To put everything right would have ended up costing more than the car's worth. More so that problems followed after another. It was putting a strain on my wallet, I had to get rid of the 206.

Despite the problems that developed after around 18 months of owning it. The 206 XSi was a sweet looking motor, that was quick and a hoot to drive.

The car's been sold (for spares or repair) to someone who wanted a project car. With time and money to put it back on the road - which is where the car belongs. It was collected on a trailer, and has hopefully gone to a good home.

I'm relieved that the Peugeot's gone, otherwise it would have just been sat in the back yard. Quietly rotting away and falling apart - more so since I got that Ford Focus nearly two months ago. No car deserves that.

Now it's gone, I'm going to miss that car though. I've had some fun with it.

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