14 November 2013

Ford Ka goes Konventional

Ford's new city car is a radical departure from its predecessors. All in favour of something rather more ordinary.

FORD have unveiled the Ka concept in Brazil for 2014. As seen in the picture, you'll be quick to notice that the Ka is major departure from its predecessors - more so from the quirky original. The third-generation Ka is a five door hatchback, and Ford has played it safe in favour of something more conventional.

Despite this, Ford claims the Ka has a "bold design, quality engineering and innovative technologies", and adds that it will be "a new choice for entry-level urban customers". Not sure what Ford means by that.

This will be the first Ka from Ford started from scratch, and to be sold worldwide along with the Fiesta and the Focus. All part of Ford's new one-size-fits-all global strategy.

But it appears that the new Ka is being made with the developing markets in mind such as India, Brazil, Mexico and Eastern Europe. That will explain on why it's so much more conservative to try and give the Ka a broader appeal.

Whereas the current Ka shares the platform and the oily bits as the Fiat 500, which also tries a bit too hard to be a chic runabout that the 500 is. But it also looked too much like the Fiesta and some of the quirky features were binned. Reports have suggested, that the present Ka isn't selling in the numbers Ford hoped like the original one did.

In some ways, Ford are going back to basics with the new Ka like the original. The upcoming Ka is likely to be sat on the same platform as the previous generation Fiesta - the first Ka was based on the Fiesta - so it should be a good starting point.

It's expected that the new Ka should be a cheap and fun car to drive. Ford haven't said on what engines will power the Ka range, but it's likely it will be the same units found in the Fiesta. Details are yet to be released.

Ford have probably made the new Ka to rival the likes of the Dacia Sandero and the MG3. Following the success of the Dacia Sandero, there is a market for practical, bargain basement cars.

A lot of people do buy cars from the Blue Oval if they need a cheap and basic car. With Ford being a well recognised brand and having a large dealer network. That is something they can capitalise on the Ka's potential to be successful.

Ford aren't wrong to build a car like this to rival the Sandero, but it shouldn't carry the Ka nameplate. It is a not a car with a bold, quirky design or has any youthful appeal. Which is what made the original Ka an iconic small car that won an army of fans. They were a hit with the ladies.

Onto making the new Ka, Ford should have based it on the Start concept if you ask me.

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