26 September 2013

Banger rally on the cards?

I HAVE had ideas floating round my head. On what automotive events or activity I could do myself. As I usually don't have the time (or in some cases money) to go to some events - some day I hopefully can make the time to attend some.

When I have time off work, I have been thinking of doing a banger rally. One week, maybe two that I'll have off to do a road trip. The trip will be a voyage in an old banger. One of the ideas was going from Blackburn to Bilbao. Done in a car that will cost me £500 or less.

Of course, one of the reasons behind wanting to do this is could be the basis of a great adventure. But I'll also want to do this to raise money for charity. It was also inspired from Keith Adams on AROnline doing the Staples2Naples venture - his best known banger rally was done in an Austin Allegro. Doing a fun-filled event like this, and also aiding a good cause (on a personal level) makes it even more rewarding.

The plans aren't set in stone. But as of now, this is currently an idea or a suggestion of something I'd like to do. If they do go ahead, I will keep you informed and updated any plans of the potential banger rally.

Let me know your thoughts on it with your comments below.

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