04 April 2013

MG needs to get its act together

MG Motor UK has room for improvement with plenty of work to be done.

HAVE you seen the new MG6 in the metal out in the wild? It's likely to be a no because they're as common as four leaf clovers. That lies down to the fact that the 6 isn't selling like hot cakes.

But why has MG's flagship model been such a slow seller?

First and foremost, it's down to poor marketing and advertising of the product - you could also say it's the lack of it.

Sure they have got some publicity from Jason Plato racing an MG6 in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). Joe public however, is more than likely not to be into motorsport, therefore isn't aware of the MG brand's existence. There hasn't been much advertisement of the MG6 on television, radio, online and on print like on billboards, newspapers and bus shelters.

When was the last time you saw the MG6 advertised on television? In fact, have you seen it?

SAIC needs to invest more time and money on marketing the MG6 - more so the MG brand itself. This will raise awareness of the MG brand by giving it the publicity it needs. It can also potentially get more drivers into the MG dealers and possibly leave the showroom in an MG6.

The MG6 itself has been rated well for being a neat looking fastback that's practical, well equipped, fun to drive and competitively priced. A healthy dose of marketing and advertising of the product help can maximise its potential and drive more sales of the '6.

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