03 March 2013

Car spotting - an enthusiasts hobby

SOME people will think I'm rather sad by doing this when they see me snap pictures of old or rare cars. That are seen parked outside on the street, or near a supermarket. But I do get a joy out of capturing the moment of cars that were once  common sight on the roads, that are now a rarity.

For example, if I post a picture of a Vauxhall Cavalier or a Ford Escort on Facebook or Twitter. There are chances that people will have like these pictures. With the responses, 'I can't remember the last time seeing one of these' or, 'My Mum or Dad had one of these and we had some great trips out in it'. It's the nostalgia factor that kicks in, and that gives them a warm feeling inside. 

If you're a car bore like me. This is probably why car spotting is such a great hobby - even if passers by see us snapping pictures of old bangers. Who are quite frankly, thinking we're sad bastards. Well, my response is let them think that, this is something that I enjoy doing. Rant over.

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