11 January 2013

I'd happily own another 206

THERE are some people out there who have liked a certain car they've owned so much, that they'd happily go and get another one. 

It runs in my family. My Mum had two Citroen AXs; my Grandmother had three Citroen AXs and my Grandad had two MK2 Volkswagen Polos. Maybe I'm going in that same direction. As I would happily get another Peugeot 206.

It's just been nearly a year since getting my 206 after trading it in for my old Ford Ka. It's been a joy to own. It's a great looking small car that's quick, comfortable and also a good steer down the country lanes. Even though it's a 1.6 litre engine under the bonnet, it's not too bad on fuel (especially if you go easy with your right foot).

If I ever come to changing car. I've not really thought of anything other than a Peugeot 206. Next time round would probably be a HDi model if I'm sensible. At the other end of the scale, it would be a GTi. It would likely to be the latter.

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