05 November 2012

Big speakers and 'woofers debacle

Bigger and louder isn't always better.

I CAN see why people want to get a new stereo or sound system for their car. Especially if that means upgrading. So you can play CDs or stick in your iPod to play your favourite tracks on the move. That's understandable.

But new speakers? If your old ones are popping, then yes. Especially if you happen to be replacing the ones that fits in your door panels. Maybe it's me, but I cannot get my head round on why people who modify their cars. That take the rear seats out. Then replace them with large speakers, amplifiers or subwoofers. I ask myself on why?

If you want to make your car faster when modifying a car. Stripping it out, putting a roll cage in there will be a cheaper and easier way of doing it and it's much more effective. As Lotus founder, Colin Chapman quoted on making a car faster is to 'add lightness'. In other words, low weight is the key to making a fast car.

Adding a set of large, heavy speakers where the boot and/or the rear seats were is putting the weight back onto the vehicle. So that means having to spend more money to make their little Vauxhall Corsa or Fiat Punto more powerful. More money wasted there.

Not only that, you can't bring your mates on board or carry loads and that makes your hatchback very impractical. Taking up the boot space and/or the back seats with massive speakers and subwoofers is pointless. Being heard coming your way from your music on at full blast also makes you look like an idiot.

Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned here over the issue of big, loud speakers and subwoofers in cars. To show you what I mean. Watch this Top Gear clip... I rest my case.

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